Doly Begum MPP, Scarborough Southwest

Government of Ontario

Enhancing Public Transit Accessibility

Public transit is essential to Ontarians from all walks of life - many youth, seniors, and families across the province rely on local and regional public transit services to be able to access education, jobs, healthcare, recreation, groceries, and more. We need to ensure that public transit is accessible to and for ALL. We cannot have transit stations where bus bays or street car lines or LRTs are not accessible to people with disabilities, we cannot have stops or stations that do not allow Ontarians with disabilities to access an essential public service.

This is why, I have introduced my Private Member's Bill, Bill 82: Enhancing Public Transit Accessibility Act, 2023, to ensure that the province's accessibility standards for transit services meet the needs of Ontarians living with disabilities or using mobility devices. Please sign the petition below and help us pass this bill!

To see the full bill, click here.

To the Legislative Assembly of Ontario:

WHEREAS access to public transit is essential for Ontarians to be able to work, go to school, and for their day-to-day activities;

WHEREAS youth, seniors, and families across Ontario rely on public transit to access basic necessities such as groceries, healthcare, recreation, and more;

WHEREAS people living with disabilities face immense accessibility barriers, physical and otherwise, when accessing public transit;

WHEREAS there are public transit stations across the province, including in the GTA that are not equipped with facilities that allow people living with disabilities to be able to reach the trains, bus bays, street cars, LRT, etc. without leaving the premises;

THEREFORE, we the undersigned call on the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to pass Bill 82: Enhancing Public Transit Accessibility Act, 2023, and ensure that Ontarians living with disabilities or who have accessibility needs can use public transit. 

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