Doly Begum MPP, Scarborough Southwest

Government of Ontario

Equitable Distribution of Vaccines

WHEREAS Scarborough has been one of the hardest-hit regions of COVID-19 in Ontario, one that experts and doctors have called to be “ground zero” of COVID-19.

WHEREAS the positivity rate in Scarborough has been alarming as it reached 20 percent.

WHEREAS Scarborough has many vulnerable people that must be protected, as it has a majority of essential workers, front-line workers, low-income and racialized workers, along with multi-generational households.

WHEREAS to curb the growing rapid increase of community spread of COVID-19 in Scarborough, we need an organized and equitable vaccination plan.

WE THE UNDERSIGNED petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to call on the Ford government to commit to a comprehensive and transparent rollout plan that allocates an equitable amount to hard-hit regions like Scarborough, and commits to mass vaccination centres across Scarborough, ensuring that seniors and essential workers are vaccinated quickly across Ontario.

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