Doly Begum MPP, Scarborough Southwest

Government of Ontario

Demand the Ontario Government to Pass Fairness for Ontario’s Internationally Trained Workers Act, 2022

Ontario is home to immigrants, both old and new, who come here seeking new safety, security, hope for a better life and more opportunities. Yet, they face a variety of legislative, administrative, and sociocultural barriers as they seek gainful employment in their fields. People with university degrees, relevant experiences, professional credentials, and training face an uphill battle when seeking work due to a proper procedure to recognize their credentials. 

This is why I have introduced Bill 98, which will mandate the government to establish advisory bodies to work with new immigrants, settlement and community organizations, regulators, and other relevant groups to provide the government with concrete steps on removing the barriers impacting Ontario’s immigrants who are trying to enter the job market.

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WHEREAS for years, those in non-regulated professional jobs have continued to face challenges due to unfamiliarity with the Canadian job market, lack of recognition for their university degrees, and professional experiences;

WHEREAS there is no necessary protection for internationally trained workers, especially against systemic barriers to successfully obtain a job in their field that specifically focuses on immigrants and internationally trained workers, leaving them without regulations that prioritize fairness and accessibility;

WHEREAS regulated healthcare professionals face a variety of barriers when entering their fields of practice, including lack of accessible processes to recognize international training and credentials.

THEREFORE WE, the undersigned petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to urgently pass Bill 98 and address these barriers.

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