Doly Begum MPP, Scarborough Southwest

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MPP Begum calls on Metrolinx to hear local residents' concerns regarding ongoing construction

Published on July 8, 2021

Last night MPP Doly Begum hosted a community walk with residents from the Oakridge and Danforth neighbourhood and representatives from Metrolinx about the ongoing Metrolinx construction that has been disrupting the lives of local residents.

During the meeting, Metrolinx presented their plan for ongoing construction of a retaining wall, building a 4th track, and ongoing construction. Metrolinx also shared that the construction will take place from 7am to 7pm, further continuing to impact those who live in the area. Community members have been frustrated about the ongoing activities in this neighbourhood for months with little to no information regarding the construction. This meeting provided them with the opportunity to have their concerns heard.

MPP Begum has worked with the community to organize a petition outlining the details of this disruption and liaising with Metrolinx by providing recurring questions to them in advance. However, numerous questions including the timeline for the project, environmental impact, and the reason behind choosing this location for the tracks – all remain unclear.

“The voices of Scarborough residents often go unheard” says MPP Begum. “Many in our community were not included in the planning process for a project that is having an irreversible impact on their lives. That is not okay. We must ensure that the concerns of this underrepresented group are a top priority for Metrolinx. Community voices matter.”

“This meeting is a first step, we are disappointed to see how little information residents were given. While I’m glad Metrolinx came out to speak to the community and understand that they’re doing their job – my job is to stand up for my community and I will continue working with my neighbours to ensure their demands are met.”

During the meeting, residents expressed frustration, feeling hurt and blindsided. They expressed their lack of confidence in Metrolinx’s commitment to care for the community’s needs and disappointment in the lack of communication, clarity, and consideration.

MPP Begum firmly stands with residents of Scarborough Southwest whose lives are being disrupted by Metrolinx’s ongoing construction.

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