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Update regarding flooding at 40 Teesdale

Published on August 9, 2019

We've heard from a number of residents who have been impacted by flooding and consequent disruption at 40 Teesdale Place. Below is an update and further information on how to access support if you have been affected by the flooding:

A major flood occurred at 40 Teesdale on August 6 which was caused by vandalism. The standpipe inside the fire cabinet on the 20th floor was maliciously turned on which called large amounts of water to flood into the hallways, stairwells and elevator, elevator pits and many apartment units. As a result all three elevators were damaged.

Following the flood, TCHC staff door knocked on every unit to let tenants know that the elevators could take up to a week to be replaced. Notices will be put up in the building alerting tenants of any changes to the timeline, but this is currently the expectation. Staff are also on site, and will be communicating updates as they are received. As it stands there are staff from tenant community services, and asset management teams. There are also third party security to help individuals up and down the stairs 24/7 to carry groceries and any other items.

Tenants who were identified as vulnerable, seniors, or individuals with mobility issues have been flagged and have been routinely checked up on – if they’ve identified that they need help with groceries or water, TCH staff have been assisting with delivery. After assessments, tenants who endured significant damage to their units were relocated to hotels. Additional TCHC staff have been called in, particularly community service coordinators after hours to ensure that if tenants need access to resources, they will be able to connect them with those resources.

TCHC staff are available during the weekend, and updates are still rolling in as the days progress. They have also instructed tenants who are currently living in the building (if they have not been relocated after assessment) that they can call Toronto Community Housing client care at 416-981-5500. The client care team has placed a special priority on calls from this building, and calls that relate to 40 Teesdale will be flagged and connected with the appropriate staff in regards to any maintenance or other concern.