Doly Begum MPP, Scarborough Southwest

Government of Ontario

MPP Begum proposes bill to stop fracking from coming to Ontario

Published on June 23, 2023

QUEEN’S PARK — Peter Tabuns (Toronto—Danforth), Ontario NDP Energy and Climate Change critic, was joined by MPPs Doly Begum (Scarborough Southwest), Sandy Shaw (Hamilton West—Ancaster—Dundas), and Jessica Bell (University—Rosedale) to introduce legislation that proposes to ban fracking in Ontario.

Tabuns first tabled this Bill in 2015. The issue has only become more urgent as new evidence has emerged showing the negative impacts of fracking and the impact of climate change across Ontario becomes more prevalent. Recent studies by NASA show a much greater role in global warming from methane leaks from oil and gas production. Other studies show fracking has much more significant methane leaks than conventional oil and gas production.

“Canada is on fire from coast to coast and we are dealing with a government that will only make it worse. Ontario needs to take real action now to cut emissions. Preventive action to prohibit fracking in future needs to be part of that program.” said Tabuns. “Why leave the door open to fracking — which would only add fuel to the fire — when we can send a clear message that fracking has no place in Ontario?”

While the fracking industry has yet to establish a foothold in Ontario, developers have been rumored to have had an interest in exploring the province for shale gas in the past.

Ontario NDP’s renewed their call for decisive action from the Ford Conservatives on the climate crisis comes as the province continues to be engulfed in over 40 active forest fires and is under an air quality warning.

“The effects of climate change that are so evident today are a very visible warning of the need to shift away from the use of fossil fuels before it’s too late,” added Shaw, the Environment critic. “So much is at stake. It is our responsibility to work together to ensure that the generations that come after us inherit clean air and water.”

“The effects of the climate crisis are becoming more evident than ever,” said Begum. “If this government does not take urgent and preventative action to pass this Bill, move away from their destructive path attacking the environment and commit to greener energy sources, the future of our province will continue to be at risk. Canada is battling one of its worst wildfire seasons and Toronto is experiencing the worst and unhealthiest air quality in its history, the crisis is here, and we need action now.”

“As Legislators, it is our job to do everything we can to respond to the ongoing crises, build a sustainable future for our children, and to protect our way of life,” said Bell. “The climate crisis is here, and you can see it today, you can smell it in the air across Toronto. Our country has been seeing massive heatwaves, unhealthy air quality, and raging wildfires. This bill is about prevention and ensuring that Ford Conservatives do not make way for the fracking industry to enter our province and work against the future of Ontarians.”