Doly Begum MPP, Scarborough Southwest

Government of Ontario

Better Protections for Condo Dwellers

Many condo residents across our province are worried about the impact of decisions being made by their condo boards.

Recently, we have had residents share that they must pay $700 for fees that their condo board has accumulated (in this case, $100,000). To ask residents, whom many of them are seniors that rely on a fixed income, to pay out their pocket for their incompetence is simply wrong.

In 2020, the Auditor General released a damning report of the condo sector, which included a call to expand the jurisdiction and power of the CAT so condo residents have a fast, cheap, and effective way to have their issues heard by an adjudicator and resolved. If passed, MPP Jessica Bell's motion will ensure that happens. 

To the Legislative Assembly of Ontario,

WHEREAS Ontario’s 1.3 million condo owners deserve to live in safe, well maintained homes; and,

WHEREAS No resident should have to spend thousands of dollars taking a developer to court just to get common
disputes resolved; and,

WHEREAS In 2020, Ontario’s Auditor General released a damning report of the province’s condo sector calling for
legal and regulatory changes including expanding the reach of the Condominium Authority Tribunal,

We the undersigned petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to direct the Government of Ontario to expand the jurisdiction of the Condominium Authority Tribunal in 2022 so the tribunal can hear and rule on the issues that impact condo residents, including condo board governance and elections, condo rules, property management performance, condo fees, maintenance and repairs, reserve funds, and short-term rentals.

Download a paper petition to be read in the legislature here.


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