Doly Begum MPP, Scarborough Southwest

Government of Ontario

Vaccinate our Essential Workers Now!

Essential workers, especially front line workers and education workers across Ontario have put their health and safety at risk to keep this province running, it is time that our government stepped up to protect them. They are bearing the brunt of this pandemic, as a large percentage of those who are critically ill have gotten sick at work. As we enter this third wave, education workers are now facing an increased risk of getting sick due to unsafe learning environments. 

This government's slow and unreliable vaccination roll-out has once again put our most vulnerable at risk, it has put our educators, school staff, children, and families at risk. This is unacceptable, and we must call on this government to prioritize essential workers in the COVID-19 vaccine roll-out. 

Add your name to demand the Ontario government to urgently include essential workers in the COVID-19 vaccine roll-out. 

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